Today’s Secret Regret

I regret every single time I’ve regretted having fun and experimenting with guys. I regret the fact that I’m so strict with myself that I don’t allowed myself to be free in these sense that I have to control every step that I make with guys without letting myself enjoy and not overthink. But, most of all, I regret wasting seven years on the most piece of shit guy I’ve ever met in my life. A guy that is afraid of being with the girl of his dreams. A coward, a man who wouldn’t fight for love, but would be able to dizzy the girl until making her mentally unstable, without any regret. I regret kissing him the day before yesterday right after he tried to hook up with another girl, but, the most important, I regret falling every time he came back because I was so blind to think he could see my value the way I did. Because, yes, if there is something I’ve never regretted is knowing my value and the strength I have within to overcome these shitty situations he puts me on every time he decides to come back. Fuck you. Seriously. I will not be there for you anymore.

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