Do You Need Help?

If you are having problems dealing appropriately with your regrets, it might be time to seek additional help. We realize that sometimes things are just too overwhelming to handle on your own — but remember, you don’t have to go through it alone.  Try talking to someone you can trust — someone at church, school or a support group.

Or you can look for local crisis centers or hotlines in your area to get the help, advice, guidance and support you need.

Remember, no matter what you are going through, you are not alone.

Please take care!

One thought on “Do You Need Help?

  1. Dear Secret Regrets I contacted you in hopes that you can help me . I’d approached you some years ago and you’d offered to help until I told you that I had gotten into legal trouble, by know fault of my own. I didn’t get good representation from my public defender so I was charged with a burglary charge . I didn’t do this and if you were to look at my record I’m not that person. The individual that I was trying to help would end up getting me in trouble and to hear the story you would see how conniving this individual was. I have since moved to another city because it was my plan ,only staying longer because of my mom being put in a nursing home. On her passing this year I moved to another city .My father is in bad health so I had been trying to get a job that would let me be there for him but these jobs have no benefits, having to use your vehicle it was killing me in gas and you really didn’t have to have a background check. I’ve now tried to get jobs and now and now my background comes into play


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