Do You Need Help?

If you are having problems dealing appropriately with your regrets, it might be time to seek additional help. We realize that sometimes things are just too overwhelming to handle on your own — but remember, you don’t have to go through it alone.  Try talking to someone you can trust — someone at church, school or a support group.

Or you can use the following resources, or look for local crisis centers or hotlines in your area to get the help, advice, guidance and support you need.

Please take care!

Additional Hotline and Referral Resources


One thought on “Do You Need Help?

  1. I regret not speaking as much with my therapist and not taking the opportunities to get help about my sadness. People who are hurt tend to hurt others unintentionally and that’s what I’ve done. I regret not looking at the end of a relationship as a good thing.


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