SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 30, 2017

My biggest regret to this day is not having the strength to acknowledge those who are lost and bullied in my life. There are people who were left out, judged, mocked, and talked about behind their backs. I should have stood up for them. I should have been their voice when they did not have one.


SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 20,2017

“I regret keeping my eyes blind and ignoring so many red flags that he…”

I regret having been a very abusive relationship for 1 year and letting him abuse me verbally & mentally nearly every day and making me cry nearly each time we were together. I regret keeping my eyes blind and ignoring so many red flags that he never even cared about me at all. If only I had had higher self esteem to make me realize that I deserve a much better person to be part of my life. That happened 10 years ago but I am still traumatized till now. If only I realized that being alone is much better than being in an abusive relationship.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 18, 2017

I regret allowing myself to sink into a deep hole of depression and loneliness. I never look forward to the weekend because I have absolutely no one to spend time with. I wish that I could work 7 days a week to keep myself busy. I’m so depressed. Sometimes, I have to lie to my family about hanging out with nonexistent friends just to seem normal. But, it’s always a struggle trying to form normal, healthy relationships with people. I was socially awkward as a child and nothing changed once I reached adulthood. I’ve lost hope. I feel that it’s my fault, although I never asked for my social life to turn out this way. I know life isn’t all about having people to socialize with, but it would be nice to have some company every now and then. I don’t ask for much.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 17, 2017

“I regret being so self involved that I wasn’t able to…”

My friend, whom I’ve always had a crush on, moved back home to taker care of her mother who’d been diagnosed with cancer. Her mother was undergoing chemo, and everyone was optimistic. I started seeing my friend regularly, and began to develop feelings for her. She insisted that it was not a good time for a relationship, but I forced the issue and we became romantically involved. When her mom started getting worse she began shutting me out. I had fallen in love with her by this time, so I didn’t handle it very well and said some pretty hurtful things that effectively ruined our relationship and friendship. Her mom started hospice a week later and died after a month. I regret being so self involved that I wasn’t able to understand what she was going through and be there for her as a friend when she really needed it. I have not felt the same about someone since.