SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 28, 2016


My biggest regret is waiting for you for 20 years. After we broke up, I waited 21 years for you to realize that you’d made a mistake. I was your mistress for all those years after we broke up, waiting, waiting, waiting. And then one day, I realized this was not love, this was obsession and I needed to stop. So I did. But I wasted 21 of the best years of my life on you.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 27, 2016


I recently witnessed a man humiliating and swearing at his son. Although i didn’t know what happened before or what his young son could have possibly done to deserve this I was completely shocked at the fathers tone and violent language. I stood by as I witnessed the little boys shoulders and head fall as his father looked at him in anger. I wished I had stepped in to say something and stand up to this man. As a mother and human I should have protected this child because I believe its our job as a society to protect the most vulnerable. I was haunted by the sadness of this boys face, and my own lack of action. Why didn’t I follow my gut and stand up to this guy? Maybe the boy wished I had stood up to his father too? Witnessing such obvious abuse is so sad and provokes anger in me, yet I did nothing. How spineless of me.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 26, 2016

I regret hurting my darling little one. Even though many of you might not understand or appreciate the love shared between a pet and their parent, accidentally killing the one you love is the most heart wrenching and horrible moment I have gone through. My father died when I was 13 in a car accident, one of my friends was murdered, my uncles/grandparents/cousins/dogs passed away…but to be the direct cause of pain and subsequent death of someone you love is the most painful guilt and sadness I have experienced in a long time. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself even though it was a total accident. I would have never hurt you Stella. I loved you more than I can put into words and I am sorry for being careless and hurting you. I had the nightmare that I might hurt you one day…and now I’m living it out and it will haunt me forever.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 24, 2016


My regret is taking you back knowing who you were (narcissist) who’s needs came first. I stupidly fell for you and your lies. I kept thinking things would chance & funnily enough they got worse. Since the break up, you showed your true colors. For that I’m grateful. That I only spent a short 2 to 3 yrs as opposed to 20, so thank you. My life has now changed for the best. My observations skills have improved & know what I’m looking for in a man. That involves staying clear of a man that loves himself!

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 12, 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-11-45-59-pmMy biggest regret is falling for someone who was out to only con me out of my money. First ever relationship and thinking I found the perfect guy, I was so stupid. He lied about everything, his work , his family and his marriage to someone else! Once he got the first 50k, I felt I was trapped and had nowhere to go. No one to turn to as my family and friends wouldn’t understand the stupidity. I regret that I gave him more money and more than that I gave him my body. I regret that my first time was with such a lying, deceitful man but I was trying to justify the lie. I regret ever meeting him.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 10, 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-11-12-24-pmI regret not giving the “what if ” a chance. I was so proud not to, but now I can’t stop wishing and wanting to be with him. I think my life would be more relaxed and less stressed. My husband of 20 yrs. as much as I love him is brings me down every day. If I would have given the “what if” a chance, what might my life have been…

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 9, 2016

I regret trying so hard. I shouldn’t have done everything for you, I shouldn’t have put myself last and you first. I thought I can save you from something, but ironically you became the thing you hated and feared. You tore me apart over and over again.
I should’ve left when I had the chance, I should’ve never gotten involved. But now I’m here, right next to who I thought I loved, trying to be who I once was.