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7 thoughts on “Post Your Regret HERE

  1. I regret never living up to my potential. I can trace that choice to a specific assignment in 6th grade – afterwards I plaguarized almost everything, including feelings for others, including my 30 year marriage (which I also regret). Sometimes the reason a marriage lasts 30 years is just because you never got divorced, and when you want to, you can’t do it financially. So a life wasted, for the most part. Sometimes I’m fairly sure I’m a sociopath (no remorse, mimicing others behaviors) but then I realize I’m not because there are those in my life I love and I spare them from knowing the real me. I’m fine whenever life is over because it seems overwhelmingly pointless.


  2. I regret from al my heart of destroying my ex boyfriend’s life. We were together for 3 years. we had a age gap of 14 years. he was a divorsee. We were in love. Suddenly all changed. I went on a trip with my friends. A guy proposed me for marriage and i thought it would secure my future. I came back.. i behaved very badly with him and also told him i cannot marry him due to family pressure. I asked him to marry someone else for his fmily sake. 6 months later, i realized i truely loved only him and wanted to go back. He fought with his parents to marry me. His mother went into shock because of the fight. Now he has agreed to his parents choise despite he loves me. Today… i can see him miserable. He has withdrew himself from everything. He does not talk to his friends. He doesnt meet them. He just goes to work and comes back. He is ready to marry someone whom he hasnt even seen. He is just living for the sake of living. The only person he talks to is me. I wish i wasnt selfish. I wish i did not do what i did. Its killing me everyday. I try to commit suciide everyday. but i fail. I dont have any courage. I am just a waste shit in this world.


  3. I regret my entire life, I regret not telling my parents the girls next door did things to me and it’s effecting me 10+ years later, I regret every person I’ve ever dated they all treated me like crap, I regret staying with one and wasting 7 years of my life!! I regret leaving him with everything i had worked so hard for he should have started from scratch not me. I found someone I loved who had to leave overseas but I met someone knew 5 years later and it’s been a shit show the entire time, one baby later, a thousand struggles and his gender dysphoria killing our relationship. I regret everything so far in my life


  4. My biggest regret is not having an abortion 7 years ago,I wasn’t ready to be a mother,i was just afraid id never get another chance to have a baby.
    I didn’t want to end up like my mom and the thought that I could be better than her pushed me to keep my son.
    But I’m not better than her,perhaps I’m worse.
    Now I’m stuck in a marriage with a man who resents me ,I feel trapped and want to start over but I’m tied down to my obligation to my son.
    My son is scare of me because of my temper and very unhappy.
    If he didn’t exist my life would be different ,if he didn’t exist he wouldn’t have two miserable people for parents.


  5. A little less than a year ago i was driving home late at night no street lights when i accidentally hit a lady who was laying in the road cops said it wasnt my fault she was most likely hit by someone else who took off but from the second i got out and realized what i had done the guilt will stay with me forever the first couple months were the hardest after finding out every detail about this woman i could from her young daughter to her mom who had lost a son as well some years ago and listening to everyone tell me its not my fault and i should just get past it and i kinda did for awhile after the first couple months went by things kinda settled down until recently i happened to be driving down the same road it happened same as i had done countless times before i swear i saw her laying there again and i froze as it all came back to me now i cant sleep when i do i have nightmares and ive started to zone out at random times and it replays in my mind its all i think about now. the guilt and shame is all consuming


  6. I was a young haole girl trying to survive in urban Honolulu. Worked 12 hours as a topless dancer/cocktail waitress at a dive a near Pearl Harbor, then drove a couple of my co-workers to an after hours club where they danced naked. That’s the place I saw a woman smoke a cigarette with her punani [vagina]. One night there were a group of really really old local neighbor island men. It was one gentleman’s 92nd birthday. They were ancient. His friend took me aside and asked me if I would go to a hotel with their lifelong friend. Even though they had told him that I wasn’t one of the girls working the club, he only wanted to spend time with me. I was young and sexy and working in the sex industry. But I said ‘NO’ and I regret till this day that I didn’t give that old man the Aloha and attention he deserved in his final times. It would have been a privilege. I missed a golden opportunity to make a beautiful difference in the life of another.
    Female, 65


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