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18 thoughts on “Post Your Regret HERE

  1. I regret with all my heart falling in love with my ex wife and letting her and her family destroy me and persecute me everyday for no other reason than malice.
    I should have seen the signs much earlier, especially the mother in law, she is a repugnant and malicious old woman who only seemed happy when the family were arguing.
    I regret I let my now ex wife cheat on me for 13 months, when I felt in my gut all that time that something wasn’t right…she just laughed at me behind my back and humiliated me everyday with her lies and betrayal.
    Lastly, I regret the most having ever been born…..I wish my mum would have had a headache the day I was conceived.☹️


  2. My company is downsizing the company and my role was affected.
    I took a job with lower exposure and payment just for security. I could use that money for a company i alteady started with my partner and now i feel terrible since i feel a big empty and i bretrayed my company and partner as we could use that money. However i was super scared to leave security…


  3. I regret being the outsider. I regret the distance I put between myself and everyone else. Life is too short for a relationship impact zone. It’d be a privilege to be hurt by the amazing people I refuse to get close to.


  4. I regret that I have not been more focused on my goals to make dreams happen, and that I was instead complacent when I was basically running out of money to make those dreams happen. I regret the glass is half full when it could be much more full if I had been focused on goals and traction. Now I am, and I am worried that I am too late or could have been better if I had been more focused then.


  5. I regret yelling at my sister for stupid things which got me so mad I would tell her to go kill herself or that she never mattered to anyone in this world or that no one cared for her or I would call her fat. I knew it hurt her and it hurt me so much after the argument but I never had the guts to tell her I’m so sorry and non of that was true. My father found out and yelled at me about how I have made her suicidal and made her insecure about herself. I really am sorry, I truly;honest to god am sorry but no one believes me.

    I am a 15 year old girl.


  6. I regret opening my mouth and telling my mother something I wasn’t supposed to say This happened in my dads bedroom, My sister, dad, mom and I were all in the room. When I opened my mouth my mother lashed out and started yelling and screaming then she went into some horrible stuff about her past and it caused my sister to have a panic attack and she was crying and having a hard time breathing. Even with all this happening my mother never stopped.
    I too got really upset. All of what happened started because of me, and because of what happened my sister is severely depressed and suicidal. Both of us still have trauma from that day
    I was 13 at the time.


  7. I regret getting married at a young age and ignoring all the signs that my husband was never going to be honest and loyal to me prior to having kids. I regret not recognizing his continuous disrespect for what it was. I regret not walking away before I allowed myself to do some of the same things he had done to me. But most of all I regret that now my children have to deal with the pain of a divorce that should have happen long before.


  8. Sorry about my english. I regret of having stolen a músic álbum that I have gift to him before to a friend, after he told me in an ofensive way several days later that I was someone he suffer a mental illness infront of a Lot of womans . I was pshiquiatric treatment in that Time like i am now… I am so sorry about that


  9. I regret thinking my wife hated me, and so cheating on her. Only to realise she needed me more then ever and she was the best thing in my life.

    I would do anything to go back and time and stop me from taking that awful path and hurting the person most important to me in this world.

    Forever I will drown in regret and guilt.


  10. I regret not having the courage to tell the truth in time, to live a lie and have to live with the consequences of that lie every day. I regret not being brave and having enough discipline in my life to take the path that required effort on my part. I regret having cheated and continue cheating on my partner. I do not know how to stop doing it without facing terrible consequences. I feel that my life has no meaning and that I do not enjoy the moments of life. I feel trapped in my own life, with no room for change. I wish I could go back in time and change my life completely. I feel miserable.


  11. I regret not protecting my sister more from my abusive parents. I regret playing games and making you look like a fool. I regret breaking your heart and leaving my pets. I regret taking drugs. I regret my behaviour on the drugs. I regret not respecting myself more and repeatedly trying to kamikaze my life. I regret it being people my friends know so I have to always be scared.


  12. Foremost regret is that I did not counsel my daughter enough when she refused to join the medical school inspite of getting selected. Just because she is over attached to her family that she couldn’t leave us but in the process ruined get career. I know she regrets it more than us but she has never expressed it or shared with us so that we don’t feel guilty.
    Had I shifted to a better city in time this situation would not have come. I don’t see any remedy of this regret at this stage and this will always haunts me. She was meant to be a doctor.


  13. I had flu,common colf mix With allergy for years. Started in 2011. I didn’t know. I just read it today that flu can indirectly and connect with stroke. I lost my father and grandma due to stroke in less than a year. I feel really guilty. If I knew it sooner. I will prevent myself from having those disease (flu, commOn cold and allergy). They still be alive and well. I feel so guilty tonight. I cried so hard. I ask Alloh for forgiveness. In 30 years something of my life, I left all their kindness in vain. I’m sorry. I do. I always thought that what I do, it only had effects on me. I didn’t know that I will lost my precious family because of my bad habits (do anything that causing flu, common cold and allergy). My late father And grandma were good people. I always pray for them. I face my guilt. I know that I’m wrong and indirectly causing their death. I didn’t mean to 😥 please anyone, take care of your own health. It can affect anyone around you, your loved ones


  14. I regret letting my ex-husband continue to bully and control me even after 9 years post divorce. From abusing mentally and physically while married to threatening to destroy my life if i tried to get custody of our girls. Even still I am afraid of him and he still uses our children to control me and I feel helpless and lost and now I see him manipulating our daughters to control them and it is killing me. There are days I get so depressed about not having my daughters that I just want to be done with it all.


  15. I regret posting people who upset me on cheater sites more than once and hurting them and trying to destroy their life .. it does not feel good to hurt others i feel so terrible i wish i could take it back … they charge a lot of money to remove posts .. money i do not have …


  16. I regret staying staying with my husband who cheated, whom I comforted when he was having an emotional breakdown when his affair partner broke up with him.
    I regret trying to save my marriage for 5 years of knowing he is cheating only to provide comfort to him when they finally ended it.
    I thought it is what I wanted.
    I wish I left him as soon as I knew that they didn’t stop. I wasted 5 years of my life and still wasting it.
    Now I have to live with the horror of knowing that he really loved/loves the other woman and will be forever hunted by the pain of knowing that he always wanted to leave me and my son for her. He just didn’t have the courage to do so.
    I wish I let the other woman have him.
    Now I am stuck with a depressed, anxious hypochondriac who is totally useless at home. A lazy asshole who mopes around like a teenager. I regret investing my resources to “our” businesses only to get bankrupt. Now I am too depleted both emotionally and financially to have the courage to leave.


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