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The Secret Regrets book and blog have been featured in the media and on talk shows all over the world. For more information, contact
Secret Regrets Media Coverage:

Huffington Post: Celebrity RegretsScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.11.06 AM

The Waterloo Courier IMG_2272

The Dr. Phil Show

Dr.  Phil Uncensored: Secret Regrets 

CNN: Some Secrets We Need To Keep

COSMOPOLITAN: Why I cheated and what you can learn from it

ELLE — Regrets of The Unfaithful

The Chicago Tribune: Letting Go Of Regrets

The Morning Show (Australia)

The Huffington Post: 13 Soul-Stirring Confessions

The Huffington Post: Divorce Regrets 

The Huffington Post: Secret Regrets About Divorce

The Huffington Post: Publishing

Psychology Today: Should you share your regrets online?

Woman’s Day

The Toronto Star: 10 of Life’s Biggest Regrets

MindYourMind: 7 Heartfelt “Dear Dad” Secret Regrets

The Dr. Veronica Show 

Lemondrop/AOL: Secret Regrets Of Women in their 30’s

Lemondrop/AOL: Secret Regrets of Men

The Mancow Morning Show

SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio (Hot Moms Club)

KFAX 1100 AM San Francisco

W Radio (Colombia, Panama, Spain, U.S.) (Canada)

iRadio (Ireland) (Ireland)

Your Time with Kim Iverson

The Des Moines Register

The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

The Cedar Falls Times



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