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The Secret Regrets book and blog have been featured in the media and on talk shows all over the world. For more information, contact
Secret Regrets Media Coverage:

Huffington Post: Celebrity RegretsScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.11.06 AM




The Waterloo Courier (2015) IMG_2272



The Dr. Phil Show


Dr.  Phil Uncensored: Secret Regrets 

CNN: Some Secrets We Need To Keep

COSMOPOLITAN: Why I cheated and what you can learn from it

ELLE — Regrets of The Unfaithful


The Chicago Tribune: Letting Go Of Regrets

The Morning Show (Australia)

The Huffington Post: 13 Soul-Stirring Confessions

The Huffington Post: Divorce Regrets 

The Huffington Post: Secret Regrets About Divorce

The Huffington Post: Publishing

Psychology Today: Should you share your regrets online?

Woman’s Day

The Toronto Star: 10 of Life’s Biggest Regrets

MindYourMind: 7 Heartfelt “Dear Dad” Secret Regrets 

The Dr. Veronica Show 

Lemondrop/AOL: Secret Regrets Of Women in their 30’s

Lemondrop/AOL: Secret Regrets of Men

The Mancow Morning Show

SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio (Hot Moms Club)

KFAX 1100 AM San Francisco (Canada)

iRadio (Ireland) (Ireland)

Your Time with Kim Iverson

The Des Moines Register

The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

The Cedar Falls Times




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