Today’s Secret Regret

“My biggest regret is getting married to an emotional abusive man. A narcissist. We dated from the time I was 13, he was 16. Even as we dated, there were more tears, than happiness. I could never break up with him, because he would emotional draw me back in. He would say he was going to kill himself, without me. Couldn’t live without me. He also was very insecure and possessive of me. If I talked to another boy, he was mad. Very mad. But would also cry and tell me he knew I was going to leave him. He took me from my friends and was mad if I ever I to do anything with them. I quit sports, because he couldn’t stand the time it took away from him and he always thought iwas cheating on him, when we were away for sports. Or really anytime I wasn’t with him. Somehow, we got married and had children. And aside from our children, I wish I’d I never married him. It’s been 25 years. And I still want to leave. And he STILL says he’ll kill himself.”

One thought on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. There are different levels of emotional abuse – your experience is deep and mind changing.
    Brake those shackles.
    Prepare to get up and get out. Put an end to his manipulation over you! If he kills himself, that is his responsibility, not yours. Take care of yourself and your children. Don’t doubt your feelings or your thoughts. You are right to think you don’t deserve this. You are correct to think this is not your fault. There is nothing one can do to justify a partner reacting like this. This is not your fault.
    I have experienced a very soft form of emotional abuse and it is devastating – I am praying for your strength to stand up for yourself and for your children. Be mindful when leaving – be smart, have a plan or two or three. Seek help, surround yourself with loved ones, people that have gone through similar experiences and never believe he will change – that will be his biggest lie.


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