Today’s Secret Regret

“I regret destroying the relationship between my spouse and their child from a previous marriage. I truly love my spouse, but I cannot tell you why I chose to sever their relationship. I would tell lies on the child to turn my spouses opinion against the child and it worked. Child no longer wanted to come over after being grounded repeatedly over my lies. Child and the ex have moved many states away now and they have not spoken in 2+ years. Spouse would NEVER forgive me if I tell.”

3 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. I grew up with a stepfather who did the same thing and more, so I have zero sympathy for you. That child is going to have to go through life without their relationship with their parent. What you did was one of the most petty, vindictive, and vile acts of jealousy an adult can do to a child. I’d say confess, but it’s obvious you’re more worried about yourself. If you want to keep any kind of dignity tell your spouse and if they still choose you, then you were obviously made for each other.


  2. I praise you for admitting what you did – a lot of people would never in million years admit to such. Ever.
    Now that you know, it’s time to make it right. It’s your job now to fix it.
    Get counseling to figure out the root cause of your actions. You’re not alone, there are a lot of people who act out it similar ways. You can do better! You are better than allowing your insecurities to rule over you and destroy a child’s life. Make it right while you still have time. Good luck.👍🏼


  3. Now is the time to confess it to your spouse and the child’s mother! You still have time to fix this! However the longer you wait the worse its going to get. Then there will come a time that the damage will be irreparable between the child, his father and you.

    And this is something that you don’t want to take to your grave and have to answer to a higher source!!


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