Today’s Secret Regret

“I regret going for my PhD after I had a good degree and 10 years industry experience with high profile companies and made good money.

I persisted for 4 and a half years with a difficult supervisor relationship and a new subject. Finally I had a breakdown and was suspended.

I met with the head of graduate school who promised me a quick return with a new supervisor, but within a week she unexpectedly resigned and there was no one to act on my behalf while I was unwell.

I did nothing for a year and then withdrew. I haven’t done any proper work now since withdrawing, nearly 4 years, and my work during my PhD counts for nothing in the industry. I have little money and I’m now 56. I recently offered to work for free for a company that had offered me work in the past, but they said the field has moved on.

No one anywhere advised me of the pitfalls, let alone that trying for a PhD could potentially wreck a good career.”

2 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. I’m impressed with your courage and drive to reach the ultimate in your education.
    It sounds like you need a life coach to help personally guide you to your optimal achievement and place of happiness, -after all what good is one without the other. They get to know you personally and will help head you in the right direction. Do something now, it’s not too late, so you’ll never look back on your life with regrets.


  2. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Your intentions were so good. It seems that you had a very negative supervisor in your PhD program.It’s hard to put that behind you. But don’t give up trying to get back to work. Perhaps simply go for a make over with a new hairstyle and new, revised make up , and then go shopping with a stylist for some new clothes. This will help to boost your confidence and get you back on track again. I wish you all the good luck now. May your new career blossom. Kindest regards to you.


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