Today’s Secret Regret

“I am torn. I have 3 beautiful children. My wife is attractive and personable. We have been married for over 20+ years.

I know that you slept with my friend.

I blame myself because I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Now that I am older and can cut through your BS, I know you did it. I would never have married you. I told you I couldn’t if it were true. It continuously consumes me. Time does not heal. I regret not dealing with this. I am so stupid. I knew better but listened to me heart rather than my brain.”

2 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. It will eat you alive unless you sit down with her and confront her. Tell her you know, that’s its deeply hurting you and feel you can’t move on unless she tells you “why”. This is a wedge that will forever be between you if you don’t open yourself and your feelings up to her. If she won’t come clean you need to ask yourself do you deserve better ? …do you deserve happiness ? If this was a one time thing long ago is it worth letting it go after you confront her ? Everyone deserves peace and happiness, it’s never too late.


  2. Perhaps it would help to speak to a therapist. Also think about forgiveness as it really will give you some freedom from the pain. It will help you. No-one is perfect, and it will help if you forgive her, whether you stay together or not. I wish you all the best.


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