Today’s Secret Regret

“A little less than a year ago i was driving home late at night (no street lights) when i accidentally hit a lady who was laying in the road. Cops said it wasn’t my fault, she was most likely hit by someone else who took off. But from the second i got out and realized what i had done, the guilt will stay with me forever. The first couple of months were the hardest. After finding out every detail about this woman i could from her young daughter (and mom who had lost a son as well some years ago) and listening to everyone tell me its not my fault and i should just get past it,  i kinda did for a while. After the first couple months went by, things kinda settled down … until recently i happened to be driving down the same road as i had done countless times before when i swear i saw her laying there again. i froze as it all came back to me. now i cant sleep, and when i do i have nightmares and ive started to zone out at random times. It replays in my mind and it’s all i think about now. The guilt and shame is all consuming.”

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