Today’s Secret Regret

“I regret spending almost a decade with the wrong woman. She reeled me in with her manipulative charm, and once she had her claws in me, she ruined my life. She was borderline, overly jealous, a cheater, a thief, a pathological liar, a narcissist. I gave up a promising career with little chance of reviving it now. She stole my identity and stole money from me, then lied about it. She broke federal laws to screw me out of more money. When I finally left her, she stole my belongings and tried to steal my car. (luckily she couldn’t get away with that one) She was “criminally insane”… but the only one that actually saw the truth was me. Borderlines are very good at duplicity. She was my boss and she ruined my two careers, the one I wanted for myself (by taking me away from it) and the one in which I worked for her (because she slanders me when I need a job reference)

I regret that I gave up time with good friends and time for myself to raise her ungrateful children. I regret not reporting the abuse she delivered both to me and her children. What I wouldn’t give to reclaim all the lost time and live my life on my terms. From here forward it’s all about me.

Word to the wise…. Live YOUR life, not someone else’s.”


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