Today’s Secret Regret

“The only things that hurt worse than the things people do to you, are the things you do to other people. I know, I’ve been on both ends. I was bullied quite a lot in my early and mid teens, and life was hell. When I was 17 – 18 I started trying to have a social life. I was a naive and foolish kid, and I drank too much and I behaved really rudely and obnoxiously to some other kids my age. I regret my obnoxious behavior much more than the hurt of being bullied. I always wanted to be a good person, and I hate the thought of really offending anyone. That hurts me more than anything that was done to me, and awful things were done to me. “

One thought on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. You can make the change. Contact those people. Make amends. Stop drinking. Attend AA. Live a better life. Be kind. Volunteer. Help other people. There are a million ways to be a better person. Just sitting around regretting what you did won’t change anything.


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