Today’s Secret Regret

“I regret marrying my husband. We have been married for a year and a half and it’s been awful. I cried myself to sleep on our wedding night, and it’s been the hardest 18 months of my life. I “don’t believe in divorce” and don’t want to just thrown in the towel because it’s hard… but I don’t see it changing anytime either. Either way I realize that my life will never be the same and I don’t look at the world the same way anymore. What I wouldn’t give to go back and break it off before we got married.”

3 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. You may not believe in divorce but you will look back on your life years from now and truly wish you had when you had the chance! Don’t ruin the rest of your life because you are too frightened to move or are afraid of what people are going to say! Find your happiness wherever you can and don’t wait for things to change! They won’t unless you make a move to find it!


  2. It’s up to you to make the leap out of an intolerable situation. Get out as soon as possible.
    maybe it’s your religion that’s dictating that you should not divorce., but REMEMBER that religious rules and dogma often change! So don’t ruin your precious one and only life and a rule that may well change pretty soon or in the near future. Meanwhile , you have ruined your life. So make the move now and make a fresh clean start in life. Have the courage to change, and don’t bother about what others will say. It doesn’t matter…but YOU matter.


  3. divorce is just a piece of paper and it doesnt matter if you are only dating married or been together for years the only thing that matters is how that person treats you and if you truly love him. If you know that he isnt going to change dont waste your time with him just becaus you are married. get out of that situation and you will find guys better than him and you could even find the love of your life. this is a year late but i hope you era doing ok now:)


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