Today’s Secret Regret

“Since I was 12 I have been growing my hair out long. It’s become a big part of my identity. I had aspirations for my hair to reach to pretty much my butt, like one long, golden curtain. It became such an important part of my identity that I would have bad dreams wherein my hair had been cut, and I would wake up freaking out. I hadn’t been to a hairdressers for seven years.

Up until a week ago, my hair was about waist length. For reasons I won’t go into, I decided to get bangs. I’d worn a wig with bangs and it had  suited me so I assumed it would look like the wig and all work out.

Big mistake. I hate it.

It looks okay when I do my makeup and whatever, but I really can’t vibe with it. I feel like a big chunk of who I am as a person has been removed. It might sound dramatic, but it’s really affected my happiness and confidence. And I’m stressed because it will take forever to grow back to how it was before, and even longer to get to my goal. I lie awake at night wishing I could go back in time and stop myself. It just really gets me down. I’ve never regretted anything more. I’m never cutting my hair again.”

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