One thought on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. I am 62 yrs old. I have had a slew of boyfriends and had 2 marriages, both ended in divorce, prior to 2016. In 2016 I decided that I had basically been alone since 1997. I had a rather unsatisfying 17 yr on/off and mostly long distance relationship with a man that I thought I loved. I had problems with my back and didn’t want to venture into dating because sitting through a movie or a meal in a restaurant was near impossible. But I finally had a back surgery that freed me from my pain and I decided that the man I was dating was not satisfying my desire to be loved and cared for. He was very wrapped up into himself. So I broke it off and started online dating. I found one particular man whose written profile indicated to me that he was sensitive, loving and had been hurt too many times in seeking the right partner for himself. I wanted to meet him. I am currently very happily married to this man and all through our beginning courtship (if you will), I felt, once again like a giddy teenager in love. You never forget what that feels like and I can see that you haven’t. But please believe me that when you find the exact right person, and you know how right it feels, and if he expresses the same feelings toward you, you will feels that same first love excitement all over again. I know because it happened to me! And I told everyone that I knew that I felt like a teenager again. But I really think that the secret to it is finally finding the RIGHT person. You will know when you find him! Good luck!


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