I regret being mean to my best friend when we were like 15. I am 50 now and she never forgave me or allowed me to apologize. I was stupid and lonely, and suddenly she was so cute and boys started liking her and not me. So I said something mean like “Nobody even liked you before me” and i hurt her and she never forgave me. When i moved away at 18 i tried so hard to find her and apologize, but she wouldn’t see me, and i still regret hurting her and losing her friendship.


I regret never finishing college… I went for awhile after High School, only to drop out after two semesters, due to my alcoholism taking off…. In sobriety, I have tried multiple times to go back, but would always give up due to feeling overwhelmed and dumb….

I look at where I am now in life, nearly 40 years old, without any college education, no “career” to speak of, just a job, barely making ends meet, and still not “smart enough” to even think about going back to school….


I regret not learning from my mistakes and making the same mistakes over and over again. I have failed school for the last 5 years of my life. Purely because I refuse to do a little bit of work. So little is expected of me. I need to do so little to pass college, but even that i don’t do. I have wasted the last 5 years doing nothing. Waiting for the next step. Some of the best years of my life i have been waiting and dreaming of the moment I get my life back on track.

But i’m lost in my fantasy world where I don’t do anything. I can easily pass my classes if I just put in some effort but I keep procrastinating. All i’ve done is lie to my parents and everyone around me. I just keep digging a bigger hole and can’t seem to get out. Just wasting time and a lot of money.

I’ll never get those years back. My parents work so hard for me. And I’m just a spoiled liar. I regret not reaching my potential and ruining the start of my life.


To My Ex’s Future Wife:

Dear Sweet Lady,
I write this to the one who will take the last name of a man that I only dated many years ago. However, had I not been selfish in my ways, I would have been the one walking down the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to this man. Does this make me jealous? Absolutely. Does this make me regret those childish decisions all those years ago? Absolutely. Does this make me wish nothing but the best for the two of you? Absolutely. You see, this man, I truly believe was my soulmate, the one who could complete my sentences and I likewise. We had a unique bond, in my mind, the you only find once in a lifetime bond. When I think of this man, my heart feels empty, more like a hole inside my chest, because this man is no longer part of my world (even in the slightest way). I loved almost every aspect of this man, and he loved almost every aspect of me. We partied a lot back in those days and during that time, we simply took each other for granted and began to drift apart. I was foolish and choose to become emotionally involved with another man, when times got tough. Yes, absolutely my fault, I wear all the blame in our relationship turning out the way it did. No one is to blame for my turning elsewhere, instead of talking to the one who would have given everything for me, about what was going wrong, other than me. I know that I broke this mans heart into a million pieces, and I want to thank you for allowing him to love again. Funny thing is, I broke my own heart into a million pieces as well, but I deserved that for being so selfish. I know without a doubt he loves you wholeheartedly or he would not have put a ring on your finger. I want to thank you for showing him what true love really is suppose to be about. Do I ask about him from time to time? Yes. I do so, because I hope that he is truly happy and it seems that you have opened up his heart to allow love to flow through, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. He deserves nothing less than a woman who will love him through the good and the bad. A woman who will be there to support him in whatever he chooses to do, to make him a better person today than he was yesterday. He deserves to be held at night, to wake up beside a woman who will never stray, he deserves to be listened to without judgement, he deserves to have his wife be his best friend, and I truly believe you have and will continue to give all of these things to him and more. So, as you walk down the aisle to say “I Do”, remember this: there is a woman who once loved your soon to be husband the way that you do on this day, please take good care of him and continue to love and cherish him throughout the rest of your days. Marriage is not an easy task (yes, I am married now) and (yes, my husband knows how I felt about this man), and I learned a lot from the mistakes of my past. When things get tough, as they sometimes will, look back on the day you got married and remember all of the reasons you wanted to walk down the aisle to your future husband, because I know there are plenty of wonderful reasons to marry this man. The love I have for this man allows me to only want the best for him forever and always, and I truly wish the two of you many, many years of happy times and I hope you are able to grow old together, to grow with each other and to love more deeply as each anniversary passes. Here’s to a life long journey, that regretfully, I wish was mine to take. Thank you once again for bringing joy and pure love back into his life, I love you as well because of that fact.


The Wish It Could Have Been Me Lady
Female, 37


I regret that I was mean to you. I regret that I took you for granted and I was intolerant and impatient. I regret that I let it get so bad instead of dealing with my own emotional problems, I took it out on you until you couldn’t take anymore and left. I miss you everyday and I wish I still had you in my life. Every relationship since then, I’ve compared to you. I still miss you, but now it’s too late.


I wish my mother would have divorced my father, so I guess I regret that on her behalf. I regret not being able to be there more for her, but at least I got to tell her that she had my fully support if she wanted to divorce him. I wish she had divorced him and lived happily ever after, instead of passing away from cancer a month after I turned 25. I regret not understanding sooner why my psychologist asked me again and again “don’t you think you would be much happier if you cut your father out of your life?”. It took me 11 years to realize that he has a personality disorder, and that the way he treats me is not okay. I regret not being able to break the ties. I’m 38 years old and still waiting for my life to start.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 30, 2015

I regret that I never had been the one that courted you in high school, who broke down your insecurities and made you feel you that you were the most beautiful woman on earth.

I regret that I never had taken you to our prom, to have picked you up at your parents doorstep, to have kissed you while we slow danced, to have walked with you on the beach after it was all over, to have taken you home after a wonderful experience.

I regret that I never had taken the time to explore the world with you, to have shared in new experiences with you, to overcome our fears together, to meet new people and make new friends together as we travelled the world.

I regret that I never had had a special day, where everything was planned perfectly, for you to have not a clue, until I went down on one knee and asked if you would marry me.

I regret that I never had watch you walk down the aisle, to have said the vows, to put a ring on your finger as you said “I do” with both our families and friends watching and celebrating our union together.

I regret that I never had woken up with you every morning, made love with you, spent days just doing nothing but being together, just the two of us but being completely happy just being in each other’s presence.

I regret that I never had been there to support your career, to be share in what you’d accomplished, to comfort you when you had a hard day, to take pride in you reaching your goals.

I regret that I never had been there when you told me that you were pregnant, to tell you how happy you made me, to see your belly grow, to hold your hand while you bore down, to hear its first cry, to share tears of joy with you for our child was born.

I regret that I never had been there to get up at all hours to feed and change the baby while you got some sleep, to watch it grow, to take its first steps, to plan the birthdays, all celebrated with you.

I regret that I never had been there when your grandmother was ill, to have supported you through your pain, to have allowed you to spend time with her until her last day.

I regret that I never had made a home with you, a place where we would raise our family, have our friends and relatives over to share in great food and company.

I regret that I never had grown old with you, to see our grandchildren born, to fuss over them and spoil them, to pass our wisdom to them, to tell them of how you and I met so long ago.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 29, 2015

My biggest regret is walking away and giving up on the one man I ever truly loved after being in a ten year relationship with you…
I regret not being there when you needed me.
Even though it has been over two years since our relationship ended, there still is not a single moment in the day that I do not think about you.
I love you so much.
I regret not having the courage or the strength to move on.
I regret being jealous of your girlfriend, for she has all that I want, all that I need… YOU.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 28, 2015

I regret that day 10 years ago when I opened the door to addiction. I know better, I was raised so well. I have the best family, my parents….. Thus the reason I have become the best at making sure my dark secret of addiction remains a secret. The lies I’ve told, all the times I’ve been late to work, to dinner, to almost everything I have ever been invited to. I feel so fake. I tried to convince myself that I’m a functioning addicted addict. Nobody but me really knows just how lonely my sleepless life is. That’s how great my smile, my conversation, my high vocabulary is, not one person realizes. The worst emotion I feel to have to live with is, regret. I regret that I’m the best liar you’ll ever meet. I’m sorry to every human being that I’ve ever lied to.