SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 11, 2016

Two years ago you sent this to me: “My only regret is you’re going to realize someday how much you love me And I’m not going to be there” picjumbo.com_HNCK8356

My regret is that you were completely right. I have realized how much I love you, but you have moved on. You now love someone who treats you like crap. I hate that I’m not yours anymore. I regret not listening to you then, and for thinking you would always be there when I finally admitted to myself that I need you more than anything else in my life.

I will love you forever and always, and pray that someday we get another chance, like the one you begged for for two years and I repeatedly denied.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 10, 2016

I finally left you behind today. Sent my last message with a pleasant goodbye. A year later and I walked away with; more confidence than I ever had with you. A group of people that love me for who I am, and even though I have my weird quirks, they wouldn’t change anything about me given the chance. Another chance to start a new picjumbo.com_HNCK0182life somewhere else, where no one knows you, you as the guy that drove over a 1000km’s just to see me and steal me away. They all still ask about you.
But I am done mourning what could have been, you’ve long since moved on to the next “love of your life”. I only hope someone warned her of your insecurities, because I doubt she balances you out like I did. We were crazy and psychotic but with all the love in the world, none of it mattered in the end. I regret I carried you with me this long, when I should’ve let go after I realized I had lost you.

I’m starting anew and leaving it all behind, packed my bags, left every trace, and all I see in my rear view mirror is the memory of your face, as I am driving away.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 9, 2016

I regret the future. I love you. More than I’ve ever loved any man. I regret having to let you go. I regret that I’m going to have to move on, and move through this life without you there beside me.  We have shared the greatest intimacy two people can have, and we have to give that up. We have to try to be friends again. I regret thinking that once that line is crossed, and you fall so deeply in love, that you cannot go back. It will always be there, haunting us. I regret not meeting you years ago. picjumbo.com_HNCK5467I understand your fears and I don’t hold them against you. I know you can exist in a predictable life, and move past us. I know I have to get out and start anew. I regret the hope I had that it would be you. I have always known the answer. And I don’t hate you for it. I’ll always have the memories. And that’s better than nothing at all.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 8, 2016

My secret regret is that I left him when I shouldn’t have, then told him when I had an abortion when I didn’t; then only had the guts to call him and confess just a few short months ago, only to find out he had died three days before. I regret that now I’ll have to carry the lie with me forever, unable to confess and picjumbo.com_IMG_0541apologize, and now my four-year-old daughter will be forced to carry the burden.

I regret the pain and anger she will feel towards me in the future.

My secret regret is also my greatest fear, and the only thing I can do about this, is curl into a ball in the bathroom floor and run the sink so my daughter won’t know.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 7, 2016

I regret not questioning more when “friends” would just stop talking to me. I regret trusting you when you said “I don’t know why they are being that way” all the while you knew very well that you would talk bad about me behind my back and picjumbo.com_HNCK4347tell them things that weren’t true without me knowing…. I know now…. I no longer regret that we are not friends anymore. I am so much better off with my real friends. no time for fake people who get a kick off of ruining others friendships.  You have to live with yourself. only you know how horrible you really are… Seriously, why would you do that to a person?

Trust that I will never talk bad about you, tell people false things you say about them, although if I did it would be true.  You talk bad about everyone and have no true friends… I feel sorry for you!


SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 6, 2016

It’s a year today since we broke up and for whatever reason it’s affecting me so much. We had so much potential but we were so dumb and young. So I gave you up for someone more experienced…worst mistake of my life…

I regret that we couldn’t make it work, picjumbo.com_HNCK0896that I left you the second he said he cared (I know now that that was a complete lie). I would give EVERYTHING to go back a year ago and fix it completely. Maybe then we would have saved each other all this heartache and pain.
I’m so sorry.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 4, 2016

I regret the days I never listened to my mother. I regret those days when I wasn’t serious with school and now I’m in debt with student loans (unfinished education and no job). I regret meeting an abusive guy who I ended up 92Hmarrying because I got pregnant. I regret having my child because no matter how much I cared and sacrificed, this person is conceited and into thyself like the father. I wish I could turn back time and focused more on my studies. I would have been a doctor today.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 3, 2016

I regret all the nasty, cruel, judgmental and hurtful things that I said to the man I loved with all my heart. I regret not listening to him when he said I was his everything.
I regret not believing his loving words and trusting that he wanted only me.
Now he is gone. I regret throwing away our love and now I pay the price with sadness and emptiness every day. I’m so sorry my darling man, I love you and miss you.
Maybe one day you will forgive me but I very much doubt it.

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