I regret leaving my husband for another woman. We built a beautiful family and I left it all for another marriage that’s harder than the first. I think I was just so confused I just ran away. Life is not greener on this side. I regret the impact this must have had on my young teenage kids when I went through my mid-life crisis. I will live the rest of my life in complete guilt and I will be forever sorry.


SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 3, 2018

I regret screaming in frustration at my mum, who has dementia, because she wouldn’t let me get her help and support and I live 7 hours away. She was so upset and confused. I am an awful human being.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 1, 2017

My biggest regret happened about 31 years ago when I worked as a salesperson in a major department store. I gave a friend merchandise that he didn’t pay for and was later charged with a crime because of it. I have a criminal record that has prevented me from getting a good job. I’m now in my 50’s and think about all of the things I could have done – had I not made such a stupid mistake. I could have entered politics or become a director of some government program that helps hurting people. I could have worked with children in public schools that really need dedicated teachers. I can’t do any of those things because of my criminal record. There are days when I beat myself up for making such a dumb mistake and then there are days that I hate I live in a country that’s so unforgiving.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 30, 2018

I regret calling you a “friend” since you’ve proven to be much less than that. Your lack of presence during my time of need shows that you couldn’t care less about my feelings. This isn’t the first time you vanished like this. I made excuses for you and kept welcoming you back, but not this time. I really needed you this time and you disappointed me. So, f— you! You won’t have to worry about wasting your precious time communicating with me anymore. I’m done.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 29, 2018

I regret never leaving you when I caught you cheating the first time. Yes, you were pregnant with our first child and you knew my family values were too strong to let go. I stayed and you begged, you said it would never happen again, yet it did, again and again for almost 17 years. Many different men, your own friends, my acquaintances, your old school friends and even our own co-workers. I wish I had cut and ran the very first time. I wasn’t the best man at the time. But as I grew, I matured and picked up all your slack. I cooked dinner , cleaned, did laundry, did homework with the kids, made you lunch for work, planned family trips, did PTA, school conferences, worked full time and even planned all the kids sporting activities. Never once did I cheat or try to bail out. You in turn, stayed late at work, frequented happy hours, and sometimes never came home till early in the morning. You embarrassed my at our job, at church, at home, in my community and continue to do so without reproach.
I loved you and still do. Now I am off on my own trying to pick up the pieces a year later. Thank you for throwing me out. Otherwise I would have still been there trying to fix our relationship. It’s really hard meeting and dating but I am pushing forward. I am confident that I will find a woman that has values, integrity, morals and loyalty. Something you know nothing about. Even as I speak to you now, you are not happy. You have been searching for happiness all these years and now without me you are still not happy. I hope you find it, because as you search relentlessly for your next victim the kids are suffering. You have ruined all of our lives due to your insecurities, infidelity and continued dishonesty. I pray for you, I pray for our kids and hope you find your happiness.

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 28, 2018

My biggest regret is sleeping with a guy I barely knew just a few weeks after my breakup from my 4 and half year boyfriend. I realize now I was only trying to avoid the pain of my breakup, though I left because I was still depressed about times he hit me. The guy I slept with ended up saying he had very strong feelings for me and that intimidated me because I knew I didn’t and wouldn’t feel the same. My ex and I are friend again, and I know now I will always love him very very much. I just really regret meeting this other guy and sleeping with him when I knew I was still in love with someone else. It’s really weighing down on me and I feel guilty. I also regret telling my friend because I sense she judges me, and I have so much anxiety right now that even though she promised not to tell anyone, I have this feeling she’s going to tell someone. I just regret opening up, I regret telling people secrets, I regret what I did.