Today’s Secret Regret

I regret not finishing school. I thought I was punishing my parents, but I actually hurt myself in so many ways and for so many, many years. I have been able to get really good jobs that paid well, but I could of done so much better. While it proved to me that I am actually very smart, I so deeply regret of not listening to my parents. I also carry the fear of people finding out I never finished school. They think I am smart. At my age trying to finish school is just not going to happen. I could of had a much, much better life and not the struggle I have now. I should of made it happen. I screwed myself. Big time.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s never too late to further your education. I see older people all of the time at my community college so there is no need to be ashamed. Just give it some thought and look into any available programs.


    • seriously it is not to late to comeback school ,just know your destination,hold your bad mood and past experiences and keep moving forward.


  2. You are never too old to learn new things. My 90-year-old Nana says, keep learning because it keeps you young. I came back in my 30’s to finish. You CAN do it!


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