Today’s Secret Regret

I regret not having the heart I have now, when I was younger. I regret allowing myself to be manipulated by society to think my choices were not ok. I regret the fear instilled within me because I was denying myself my true path. I regret not being closer to my parents, and loving them like they deserved. I regret peer pressure I was not smart enough to deny. I regret not being true to myself and not standing up for myself.

One thought on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. Life is a learning curve,we only learn by making mistakes and realising we have made them,but often we do not realise it until way down the track and well into our lives.Why do our eyes open? Because we have acquired a certain maturity and understanding that life should have taught us,you could not have seen nor understood what you do now when you were young,it all flew over your head and you were still in the process of learning.Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made,we all make them,and you are no longer the person you were then.


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