Today’s Secret Regret

The biggest regret I have in my life, is not having children.
I always expected a family could wait until later in life.
But later never came …

When I was ready to have children, I was still single.
Unfortunately, I never met the ideal person with whom to start a family.
Then I became too old to have children.
Being childless is by far the most upsetting regret I have in my life.

56 Female

2 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. I too would have liked a family because I basically never had one,I was always dreaming that I would have my own children and a loving husband,sadly life does not always work like this.I made a very bad choice of partner when I was in my 20’s he was selfish,controlling,spifeful and did not want any children,I left him when I was nearly 30,but because of the abuse I was very weary of meeting someone else,in case I found myself in the same trap again,I too never met anyone with whom I could have had a family,I am now 75 and have accepted that is was not for me,all my friends have grandchildren and I wish I could have been a grandmother too.I have had pets and they have given me a lot of love,but not having children has allowed me to do other things with my life that I could not have done otherwise I also can concentrate on other people,mothers are often too busy raising children to be able to be there for other people who might need them.A single and childless life can well be worth living,there is so much more one can do,may be we did not have children for a reason,and that reason would be to connect with a wider humanity and help those who have no one.Take care.


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