Today’s Secret Regret

I regret staying in the relationship I’m currently in. I regret internalizing every negative comment he makes, every name he calls me, every nasty thing he says to me. I regret not leaving him because of our child, I don’t know why i think I can change him or believe him when he says he will change. I regret sitting at home blaming myself when he’s out “doing him”, because I know exactly what he’s doing. I regret wasting 7 years of my life on a man who doesn’t even deserve 1. I regret not listening to my mom when she tells me that I deserve better because i know she’s right. I regret not having the courage or the strength to walk away. I regret a lot of things, but mostly I regret not loving myself enough to know better.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. Sadly you have spent seven years of your life with a narcissist who will never change and will continue to devalue you,he will treat you appalingly and blame you for it,he will destroy your self esteem and crush you,narcissists destroy lives.Are you still with him being treated like a doormat while he does exactly what he wants and continue to be entitled while depriving you of your freedom as a human being? If so he will drag you down even more,and what about your child? Is it healthy for him or her to see his mother being treated that way and sense the lack of love from his father who no doubt will use that child against you whenever it suits him regardless of how it will harm the child,narcissists are incapable of love,GET OUT,if your mother can take you in go to her and do not let him threaten you in any way,or try to get you back because he will,it is called “hoovering” like “gaslighting” is all about him making you believe you are losing your mind.He sufffer from a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER,it is incurable and it is a mental illness,and all narcissists display the same set of syndromes.Get a court order against him and if he stalk you get the police.Please do it or say BYE BYE to any kind of normal life!


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