Today’s Secret Regret

“My secret regret was listening to a High School Counselor who told me that I would never make it thorough Veterinary School because I had a solid C math average but an A/B average in my other subjects.

I regret not listening to both of my parents and NOT believing that I was smart enough to do college and Veterinary school.

My self esteem was horrible and I didn’t believe that I was smart enough or even worthy

I settled and went to college and landed in jobs that I have hated but stayed because of the money.

Because I settled for a lesser college education, jobs and later men I have NEVER had the amazing career or life that I could have had!

I definitely would have gotten involved with better men , had better husbands and made better lives for my children!

Looking back I know I would have made a wonderful Veterinarian and would have loved my job.”

One thought on “Today’s Secret Regret

  1. That school counsellor did a lot of damage to you and probably to other people as well.I wonder if she still works there. She should be reported to higher authorities before she does other damage.


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