I regret that I knew how he felt but thought we could be friends. I regret not going with my instinct and faith and regret letting this man infiltrate what I knew was wrong. I regret thinking that I could make everyone happy. I regret that I had a lapse in judgement at a concert with him but at work if I didn’t give all of my attention he would make my work day hell. I regret that I kept going because I didn’t want to risk my career. I regret that I was caught up in it and let him try to convince me that we were in love. I regret the guilt that I have when I try to back away and he tells me he can’t live life without me. I regret letting him be selfish and pulling me away from what matters. You and me. I regret that I tried multiple times to tell him that he could not have that part of me and he didn’t accept. I am choosing to not let him have that piece of me anymore. I am choosing us again. I never did not choose us. I became so tangled in a web that I could not admit to you because I know your reactions. I am fighting this on my own and know that I will succeed. I choose you. I have asked for forgiveness from my highest power and I just want to move forward from this.


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