I regret not listening to my friends and my family, I’m 18 years old and currently a senior in highschool. I am so close to failing my senior year because of some struggles. I was told by some friends that someone was saying I raped them to try and get back at me for not liking them back, my whole school hates me and no one ever talks to me. I am made fun of because I am a bigger guy, or i’m just ugly to people. I regret turning into a drunk, due to all the stress this has given me.. I am nothing but a drunk. 18 and still a senior in highschool, now a drunk because of petty rumors. I have been drinking to get things off my mind, suicide, hate, anger. All of it because it’s a constant thing. I just want to be happy for once? Why can’t I be happy for once.


2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: April 29, 2018

  1. Hang in there my friend. You are obviously a good person inside, because you care deeply about what others think of you. That can be curse too , and one that I struggle with. I encourage you to find a counselor that you can share with . You have your entire life in front of you, and being a drunk at 18 is way better than still being one at 50 or 60. You still have time to make a difference in other’s lives as well as to be the person that you want to be.


  2. You have experienced a great deal of difficulty, my friend, but you are so young. You have time, and the universe is full of second chances. At 18, many of the great men and women of history were in positions where they felt hated, ignored, and powerless, from Theodore Roosevelt to Joseph Smith and on. It is so difficult to deal with the disapproval of others, but don’t give up. I am praying for you.


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