I regret the way I dealt with the breakdown of my marriage. I met someone while I was still married. I am divorced now but am in this relationship where I feel stuck and bored. It is not how I imagined it and I feel depressed. He has an adult son that cannot (refuses) to learn how to take care of himself and probably will never move out. Because of this I feel that we cannot have a life together how I imagined, i.e. go on vacation together, just us two. I am angry and resentful. I sometimes wish he had a normal kid or no kids at all. F40


One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: April 26, 2018

  1. How terrible, especially at this stage of your lives, ugh. Does your Spouse see the situation the same way you do? Does your spouse think this child should move out and try on his own?

    I’ve not caught up on your blog (this post causes me to believe you are at wit’s end) I’m simply curious if you’ve been able to voice these concerns, or it your relationship still feels ass if you are acting on your best behavior.

    It happens. A lot.

    I wish you the best and am willing to “speak” with you whenever or however. PM if you like.


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