I had a great life planned in my head. Friends, family, children and a decent loving warm home to share with a person I thought was the one. I didn’t even have high expectations like most women and demand anything of my partner that I couldn’t do myself. I wasn’t expecting to be well off, but I also had thought he would help do his own part to keep from struggling as often as we do. I ended up with almost nothing I thought was to be… everyone in my life who should have little say seem to have all the rights and will win no matter what cause this was the plan all along and I was too simple to see it, when I could make a change that would make it right instead of wrong.
To the people in my future…take my apologies now, for When you meet me I will not carry much of a belief that this is n’t just the way most people are..I guess it’s me who has refused to grow up and realize this…instead of me thinking they’re selfish ways were childlike. Yep, the joke was on me the whole time


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