I regret not getting help for my anger issues before marrying you. I regret this because I never had a chance to be the man you deserved. When you told me you could no longer be with me I woke up and sought help, but it’s too late, we’re listing the house and separating. I wish it were enough that I’m sincere about changing and never yelling and swearing at someone again. I now know where I learned that behavior and that I can control it. It kills me to know that it all happened too late for us. Now our young daughters, you and I are in a position that I want nothing more than to fix. It’s out of my hands, but in spite of my flaws I wish you could feel my love for you in a way that allowed us to work together and grow together. I love you always and forever, and I respect how you feel. I’m just not sure I can live with this pain and guilt.
Male, 41


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