(See English translation below original posted regret…)

Me arrepiento de no detenerme a pensar en vos cuando tomé la decisión de dejarte. Me arrepiento de tardar tanto en asimilar la verdadera gravedad de lo que te hice, y por no hacer nada por enmendarlo cuando pude. Me arrepiento por hacerte sentir y creer que no me importabas. Fuiste una muchacha maravillosa conmigo y no te valoré como debí, me diste todo y yo lo tiré por ahí, te quise mucho pero preferí estar sólo para tratar de “superar mi pasado”, me arrepiento de ser un cobarde. Y aunque he aprendido muchísimo de esto, siento que no compensa el hecho de dejarte ir. Odio el hecho de que ya no estés en mi vida, no solo eras mi novia sino también mi amiga. Te echo tanto de menos, vos eras la indicada. Yo en verdad, en verdad, lo siento mucho. 28

I regret not stopping to think of you when I made the decision to leave you. I regret to take so long to assimilate the true gravity of what I did to you, and to do nothing to amend it when I could. I repent to make you feel and believe that I did not care. You were a wonderful girl with me and I did not value you as I should, you gave me everything and I threw it around, I loved you a lot but I preferred to be just to try to “overcome my past”, I regret being a coward. And although I’ve learned a lot from this, I feel it does not make up for letting you go. I hate the fact that you are no longer in my life, you were not only my girlfriend but also my friend. I miss you so much, you were the one. I really, really, really am sorry. 28



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