I was fifteen years old. I had been told off by my Dad for play fighting with my little sister. I went to bed early that night watching the film police academy on my portable tv. I heard my parents going to bed so I quickly turned off the telly and thought to shout out goodnight but I was still feeling hurt and sulking and thought no I will talk to them tomorrow. I must have fallen asleep the next thing I heard was my mother screaming my name and banging on our dividing wall. I leapt out of bed stormed into their room thinking I was in bother again. My Mom was cradling my Dad lying on his side in the bed. My mouth fell open. She said, “Your Dad’s having a heart attack go and ring for an ambulance. We had no phone, the nearest phone was a two minute walk. I figured it would be better to bang on my neighbours door. It was gone midnight and understandably she wasn’t keen on coming to the door. I went to run to the phone box but turned half way down the drive to see her turning off her light. I ran back and I was shouting who it was. When she answered the door I told her the situation, I then headed back to my house. My ten year old little sister who I had been play fighting with just hours before had walked into my patents room. I led her away to wait downstairs for the ambulance. It seemed to take for ever to arrive. I later found they had travelled from twenty minutes away and it took them fifteen. They tried to save my Dad but he died. He’d had a massive heart attack. I always regret not saying goodnight when I had the chance. It hangs over my every day thoughts. I will never come to terms with how I behaved no matter what anyone says to me. I now let people bully me and push me about including family. I just don’t want to ever go through it again. While my sisters have been successful I’m not working they all have degrees, I have a diploma. All because I went to sleep on an argument.


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