I regret all of the time that I spent with you. I should have given my love and affection to someone else. But, I chose you and ended up brokenhearted. How stubborn of me. All of those meaningless lunch and dinner outings could have been saved for someone who actually cares about me. I could have saved a shitload of money, too. Money isn’t everything, but wasting it on such an ungrateful woman is beyond upsetting. I tried so hard to earn more than you were willing to give of yourself. You knew this and kept taking whatever I gave you. You happily took from someone who you already knew would never be enough for you. How selfish of you. You led me on. You never wanted me and I was foolish to think that I had a chance. But, the foolishness ends today. I have to move on. I have to let you go. You can carry on with those who want to use you and can’t offer you the unconditional love that I had for you. I wish you the best.


2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: June 25, 2017

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