SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 8, 2017

My Biggest Regret is had let my son Join the Marine Corps when he was too young. He signed when he was 17th so his father and I had to sign for him. I asked him several times if that was what he wanted and he said yes, but right before he went to booth camp he ask me to help him not too go, that he changed his mind and I wasn’t able to help him. He went and serve with honor and respect and even accomplished to be a Corporal then last year he met a girl and got secretly married and when I found out I almost had a heart attack, literately. He told me that is what he wanted but to this day I still have my doubts about that marriage. He just got out from the Marines this past December and now he is living with his wife in California ( I lived in Colorado) and He seems so distant, he doesn’t call or reply to emails or messages.
My Son and his wife invite us to spend Christmas with them but when we got there they left my husband and I in their apartment and they went to celebrate Christmas Eve with his Wife’s Family and then Christmas Morning they went to her mom house again, and Christmas nigh they invite her mom to come to their apartment to celebrate Christmas with us.
I felt so broken, we where confuse and I wanted to leave but also I wanted to stay I was willing to go thru that just to be able to be with my son. So we did but I came home with my heart Broken once again. I feel like my daughter in law doesn’t care about him and she doesn’t be close to his Family and since he is just start enjoying his Marriage he prefers his wife. I understand been a new wed and all, but I have the fear she is going to take away my son from me.
I just hope my son doesn’t feel like it was my fault he went to the marines. I wish I can change things, but that is no possible.
I feel like I lost my boy.

Anonymous Said:

  • He is not a boy anymore. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can embrace the new and more mature relationship between you and your son, who is a grown adult man. He survived the Marine Corp. He is now married and living a life no longer under your roof or care. He is not a boy any longer.


One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 8, 2017

  1. Never stop letting your son know how you feel. As mothers we never lose concern for our children and we want to see them grow and thrive, we also want to be there during all the stages of their lives. As parents we deserve to enjoy the person that we have helped to nurture into the adulthood and it should be a renewed relationship of mutual respect. A wife should encourage her husband to strengthen his family ties not seek to weaken or sever them. I hope that this family can be mended and that your son understands that there is room in his life for both his wife and his mother. What they did on Christmas Eve was hurtful and disappointing, share your feelings with your son and ask him about how he feels about your relationship and how you can mend and grow together.


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