SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 27, 2016


I recently witnessed a man humiliating and swearing at his son. Although i didn’t know what happened before or what his young son could have possibly done to deserve this I was completely shocked at the fathers tone and violent language. I stood by as I witnessed the little boys shoulders and head fall as his father looked at him in anger. I wished I had stepped in to say something and stand up to this man. As a mother and human I should have protected this child because I believe its our job as a society to protect the most vulnerable. I was haunted by the sadness of this boys face, and my own lack of action. Why didn’t I follow my gut and stand up to this guy? Maybe the boy wished I had stood up to his father too? Witnessing such obvious abuse is so sad and provokes anger in me, yet I did nothing. How spineless of me.

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