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I regret the way I’ve treated people all my life. I burned so many bridges over petty things and misunderstandings. I hurt people– and myself– unnecessarily because I’ve been so quick to anger and jump to conclusions, to judge, or just because I didn’t care. I cut people off without giving them a chance, or without giving them a second chance (like I’ve been given so many times.) I acted cold and rude to people, including those who were kind to me, and I made the world just that much of a harsher place for people that didn’t deserve it. I held grudges for things that did not matter. I tried to drag people down and make them feel like they were less than me. I sometimes lied about people, said mean things about them or people they cared about, criticized them harshly, ignored them, pushed them away, didn’t return the kind acts they did for me or even thank them, used them, blamed them and may even have gotten people into trouble for things that were not their fault. I am really sorry.

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 3, 2016

  1. It is never too late to say sorry to those you have lost… honest apologies can make wonders🙂. Rebuild all the bridges that you can still rebuild, but make sure to never burn them again! Good luck.


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