Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.13.07 PMMy biggest regret…That is sometimes a hard thing to pinpoint bit for me it is all too clear. Since the age of five, I admired my heroes just like anyone. Except mine were pro wrestlers! The way they could captivate the crowd, the good guy/ bad guy back and forth. That’s when I made the decision every kid does, whether it be a doctor or an astronaut; I wanted to be a pro wrestler! I would tell anyone that would listen that one day they would see me in the big lights performing for thousands. The years flew by and before I knew it I was out of high school and ready to pursue my dreams. But then life happened; living home with mom and getting a full time job to pay the bills. I would keep telling myself that I can do it next year, and then the next year would come and nothing. But pro wrestling is a young man’s game; you start early so you can finish your career young while you still have your health and achieve some sort of accomplishment. At the age of 30, I am here to tell you that I regret not following that childhood dream: My biggest regret is not becoming a pro wrestler and doing something with my life. Now I just need someone to invent a time machine so I can wrestle my 18 year old self into submitting to following that dream!

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