picjumbo.com_P1000280 copyI regret basically being a puppet and a doormat. Growing up the good child isn’t exactly the best thing a kid can be when they’ve grown up with parents who want to mold the child into their image instead of teaching them that there’s more out there than what they have. Growing up, I didn’t know about things such as identity and self-discovery, no one taught me these things and I had to learn on my own. Living on my own was the first step. All of the food I’ve tasted, all of the different types of music I’ve listened to, all of the things I’ve learned (whether about myself or the world), and all of the hobbies I’ve picked up to make this otherwise depressed college kid happier. I love you mom and dad, but you could have done better.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: April 29, 2016

    • I honestly didn’t think my regret was going to be posted. It feels weird being noticed…But yeah, ever since I began my self discovery, I’ve never felt more free.

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