I regret not having come to your home, knocking on your door and punching you in the mouth the moment I read your text message to my wife. After 25 years of “friendship”, picjumbo.com_HNCK8356after my family treated you as one of us, after hiring you in 08 when you were laid off from the auto sector, after hiring your son and keeping him though he was the worst employee I ever had…and this is the thanks I get. I am indeed the “nice guy” who finished last. I know you are a coward because if I were a big, tough guy with tatoo’s all over my body you wouldn’t have DARED. My life is over, my relationship with my wife is destroyed, it’s a living hell…you’ve hurt my mother and father…I became disabled, lost my job and then this. And as awful as this story is — it’s twice as bad if told in it’s entirety.

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