I regret not leaving the first time you ever told me a lie. You kept feeding me lies, and I always forgave you. I cannot believe I ever thought you’d stop.

Everytime I try to leave, you stop me. I cant get my foot outside the door because you hold me back, refusing to let go. While holding me with a tight grip you cry and tell me you’ll charge. We’ll change. You say you can make me happy.

I’ve got No one to talk to, cause I was alone in life until I met you. If I managed to leave you, I’d have no one to turn to.

I love you. At least the man I wish you were. But I’ve never been as close to ending my life as I am now that I’m with you. If you were to wake up alone one day, please forgive me. I see no other way out.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: March 27, 2016

  1. That is never a reason to remain in a relationship where it is making you so unhappy, that you want to take your life.. I left a 26 year marriage because i was unhappy in it… i am alone now but would rather be alone then to continue the way i was in my marriage, its now my time to reflect on my life and the relationships i have had, love yourself enough to let go and find yourself, we are never completely alone.. and your life will get better once you are out of that relationship.. its not worth staying with a man that lies to you and you are so unhappy with.. please for yourself, leave that kind of relationship and learn to love yourself, or you will remain in this turmoil…


  2. I was with a man that did the same to me…i got out with my three month old. He was a complete liar and cheated behind my back all the time. I felt so alone just like you and one year later my life is so much better. My mental health would have been cracked with a man that made me feel like I was going crazy when in fact he was a compulsive liar and my gut knew but I decided to stay for same reason. No man worth your time. Once you leave you will find your confidence again and things will look up believe me. X x x


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