I regret that I bumped into you after so many years and that I asked you to join me and my friend at the restaurant table. I regret that when you grabbed my hand and picjumbo.com_HNCK9049squeezed it tight that I didn’t pull away. You looked into my eyes and said all the right things. I felt like I was falling in love again…with you. I regret that we exchanged email info and phone numbers….I regret that when you called and texted me that I responded. I regret that we were both married and still met up at the bar that night… You told me you had never stopped loving me… You kissed me and gently caressed my cheek…why did I let you and I kissed you back until my face was chapped and sore. I regret that we went back to the truck and made out for hours. I almost slept with you. But I didn’t. I did get together with you again once more. I ended it with you even though it nearly destroyed me emotionally. You are so bad for me and I know that. I ended up so torn up inside that I went to a very dark place in my mind but I got help. My husband forgave me and that is such a huge blessing. I love him so much and am ashamed for my poor judgment with my old love. I will not ever take my dear husband for granted again. I will never regret choosing my husband over the dirty Doctor. Yes, the married man is a doctor…

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