I am afraid i will regret either of the following two things. Leaving my husband for chasing a dream of a man I have fallen deeply in love with but most likely can’t have – or staying with my husband and never get over the second love of my life. I am caught in a picjumbo.com_P1000245trap. Life will never be the same again wich ever way I choose. Unfortunately. I should be happy and count my blessings. My husband loves me. But I am in love with someone else on the other side of the globe. He’s in love with me to but it’s all too complicated. It sounds really trivial but it isn’t. It’s my life. I don’t regret letting it happen however I will for sure regret what ever path I choose.

4 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: March 18, 2016

  1. Use your brain in this…do you want to break your vows to a man who loves you for a life you have absolutely no guarantee will even work? Do you really think that this “great second love”, which is really infatuation (he’s on the other side of the world…you have no idea how your lives will mesh in reality), makes new guy ‘the one’ when you could put that time and effort into your MARRIAGE instead when you already have love and a history together? If you break off your marriage and hop into a life with this other man and it doesn’t work out (a HUGE possibility…where would you two even live if he’s on the other side of the world? Have you even THOUGHT about the realities of life together besides “love”?), know that you won’t get your husband back. He doesn’t deserve someone who can’t be mature and say no to herself anytime someone else pops into her life and makes her doubt if things could be “better” with them. Count your blessings and stop fantasizing about a life you’re making up in your mind. The grass is greener where you water it.


  2. Yep… you will regret it. You will lose all respect from your children (if you have them ) , family, friends and ultimately for yourself. Do you really want that? Don’t be stupid.


  3. If he actually loved u…he wouldn’t remain so far away… It is only natural to want to spend ur life with the one u love and to do what is necessary to spend it with them. If he and u have not done what it takes to be together in life…or one has not…than the fantacy is that it is love that u share between u.
    Nobody wants to grow up…it’s just the freedom to think acting and thinking like a child that we all think is true love. True love is what u make it…within utself and those around u…like said. Grass is only greener when u water it darling


  4. I am someone who lost my wife of fifteen years to a boy she met on social media whom she fell in love with, since that day she told me much has happened…. We both have changed being five months ago we’ve changed more than I thought possible.

    Biggest change is this, I no longer trust her at all, she was my high school sweetheart and I love her still but no longer is it or will it ever be the same.

    She’s trying now to reconcile, but I find myself pulling away when that’s all that was on my mind was getting her back until our anniversary of 15years married when she again decided to connect with this other guy… Then the switch flipped in my mind and more importantly my heart…
    This cannot be love, because in my love for her I was willing to accept what was, forgive what’s been done even give her my blessing if she was happier with him… But in all of that I felt not once a sincere apology, rather I received reasons and justifications .

    I’m not perfect by no means, but I’ve been loyal since we started and remain so until our divorce finalizes… I was caught up in life’s tragedies, buried mother at 22, grandfather at 24, brother went into coma and 27, I ended up in dear vs. Motorcycle at 29 and on Easter Sunday 2016 at age 33 my wife told me she was no longer in love with me and loved another man… My regret is simply this, I regret not neglecting her while dealing with life, I could have made time but I didn’t.

    I also regret being a man who believes without trust and absolute loyalty there is no point in continued relationship…. I trusted her completely, loved her with every part of who I am and she chose to wander into another arms… No longer do I dream of her and I sitting on our porch at 80years of age talking about how different things were when we were kids…. I still have that dream but she is no longer the one next to me.

    Now I’m just working on me, I pray she does well for herself … But it will be quite some time if I ever am able to trust anyone with my heart again.

    Love is like a glass , once broken it’s never the same again.

    Every Adam has his eve.


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