I regret that I let my best friend use me for money, rides, gifts and hours of listening to her verbally cut me to pieces. I regret that I broke up with a boy I loved because she 2015_04_Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-restaurant-people-building-city-leeroysaid he wasn’t good enough or hot enough. I listened to a lot of her bad advice and followed it like a drone. Now that I am in a better place in life, I regret that I didn’t stand up to her sooner. I finally stood my ground this weekend but remained firm but not cruel…no yelling or swearing. I just told her I was tired of her drama and unkind treatment of me and that it would no longer be tolerated. How did the conversation end? She freaked out and shrieked all kinds of cruel things my way. I let her vent and then said calmly, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” She said she might as well go die. I told her that would be an unreasonable response instead of simply apologizing for her actions. She cursed me one more time then hung up on me. I guess the truth hurts… I regret not standing up to her many years ago. By the way, the loser guy she talked me into dumping is now a very successful doctor with a thriving medical practice. I see his ads on tv almost every day. Thanks friend…

5 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: March 16, 2016

  1. Look up ,,narcissistic personality disorder”..that might shed a light on your friend’s behavior and you’ll see you have nothing to blame yourself for.


  2. People will try to make you feel like less so that they seem like more. Removing her was the best, though painful, choice. She was toxic to you and you needed to remove yourself from her negativity. Things get better and time will heal you❤


  3. True…u r better off…problem is more than half the population of people r just like her…male and female. I have met more than my fair share in my lifes travels at least.
    The one time I actually truly put my honest belief and faith in someone even tho it was somewhat at a distance…he seemed to only quickly take my last stem I carried within me, for true love and strength for what I believed the future to be possible for two loving individuals in this world, and he too took it and used it to win over someone else, proving the I still once again twice over was NOT GOOD ENOUGH for what he felt he wanted and deserved…just as everyone else I have ever tried to love and care about in my life. Male female…all the same.
    My soul…obviously…does not truly have a real mate…the talk and dreams of such are only fantacy and seen in the movies


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