SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 27, 2016

I regret not getting sober sooner. I was an alcoholic for 18 years and it ruined my life. I’ve been sober now since December 31, 2008. I was let go from two jobs and walked 2014_09_life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-New-York-books-bar-Bottles-barman-Waiteroff of another one. People thought I was weird, psycho, you name it. I worry so much about running into people from previous jobs that I avoid certain places to apply for work. Now I find myself at 60 years old, out of work, and not able to get a job. In fact, I’ve been out of work so long that people wonder why. I no longer have the skills or even the money to go back to school to learn something new.

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about my future. Now I do. There’s only two other people left in my family so if I can’t take care of myself, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. I’m truly, truly worried.


2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 27, 2016

  1. Hello. First of all, congratulations for having the strength to quit this addiction, it is very hard to quit and it takes a lot of strength to overcome, not many people can. Second, if you had this immense strength to quit, the first and hardest step of returning back to a normal life has already been made. With a bit of patience, hope and perseverance, you will eventually – maybe not right away, maybe not exactly what you dreamed of – but you will find a job if you keep searcing and don’t let yourself discouraged. It’s not too late and you can bring your life together, the most important step has already been made. Once you have that job, things will only get better and better. You swam such a long way, now that the shore is in sight, it would be a pitty to let yourself discouraged. Leave the regrets for the past and look only to the future. There are groups of support and there you can find people who had similar problems. Join a group, a community and make friends, so that they will take care of you when you need them. Things will be fine, don’t consume your energy regretting or worrying, simply do the right thing. Every action has an answer. Start rebuilding your life and the answer will come, sooner or later, but don’t despair because things will be fine. You have to trust yourself and life. It’s easy to give advice.. but you have to be blind to all the hardships that may come your way and simply step forward, one step at at time, no matter what you encounter along the way, no matter how hard that step is. Simply have blind faith that all will be fine, and it will, trust me.


  2. Hello. You can be very very proud of yourself and your hard-earned sobriety.

    You are incredibly hard on yourself. Alcoholism gripped you and now you are allowing shame and fear to take its place.

    Please try to remember that not everyone is as judgemental as you suspect. And what if you do bump into former colleagues and they remember your not-so-good days? Well the great news is you have overcome them!

    There are many people who would benefit from your understanding and perspective of alcoholism – perhaps you could channel your energies in this direction? Helping others is an excellent method of self-healing.

    You are worried about what’s going to happen to you in the future. It’s a good idea not to spend the ‘now’ worrying about days, months and years ahead. How can you enjoy today if you fear tomorrow? It’s no way to live. You deserve better than this.

    I worked in a hospice and a common regret among the residents was not enjoying the ‘here and now’ when they had the health and time to do so. None of us – rich, poor, young, old, black or white – can know what tomorrow brings.

    Grab hold of life. You have come a long, long way and there might be much happiness waiting in the wings.


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