SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 19, 2016

I agreed with a pal to ask our wives if they would try a wife swap. Were all in our 60’s and have known each other for 50 odd years now. My wife at first was against the idea but after some thought told me she was up for it. In fact she was more up for it than I was. We exchanged texts and emails saying what we will do. I told my wife I wanted us Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.32.36 PMall to be in the same room as it was thinking about her having sex with another guy which turned me on most of all and I wanted to see it as well as have sex with his wife. She said she would not be up for it unless we used separate rooms. I thought about it and convinced myself it would be ok. On the night all was going well until we all sat in the lounge of their house and my wife grabbed my mates hand and said lets go into the bedroom. It hit me then that it wouldn’t be ok. But I said I’ve got to go to the toilet first and asked them to wait for me to come back. I didn’t need the toilet but I needed to think. I made up my mind not to go ahead with it, but when I came out of the bathroom my wife and my mate had already gone into the bedroom. I shouted, “couldn’t you two wait,” but got no answer. So swallowing hard I went into the other room with my mates wife who was already semi naked. We kissed and started to have sex but I couldn’t maintain an erection thinking of my wife in the other room. I then told my partner I cant carry on with this. She said its ok, so we went into the lounge but I had to call a halt to my wife’s fun .They came out straight away. But they had had intercourse. I was in a bad place for months afterwards. My wife tried to reassure me that she loved me and when I asked why she didn’t wait, she said she thought as we had all agreed to go ahead before, it was ok to do so. I’m writing this 18 months after the event and it still hurts. I know I’m as much to blame, but can’t get the fact she was so forward out of my head.

9 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 19, 2016

  1. So basically you’re a disgusting pig who wanted to have sex with another woman AND watch your wife have sex with another man, purely and solely for your own perverse sexual pleasure, and NOT because you wanted your wife to enjoy it – in fact, the thought of your wife, GOD FORBID, actually enjoying it freaked you out, because this was all about your sick pleasure and not about her. Well guess what you little pervert, you are getting exactly what you deserve; I hope she leaves you for that other man because I bet you are a real gem as a husband and a human being in a lot of other ways, too. Selfish POS pig.


  2. You got what you deserved. This was your idea. You shouldn’t have suggested it if you couldn’t handle it. she couldn’t wait for you to get out of the bathroom so she went to have sex with him, and then there was no answer when you asked them if they couldn’t wait.. maybe they were already doing it behind your back.


  3. I think you all are being too hard on this man. He made a mistake and he is paying for it. It appears that, at first all were up for the swap, the wives too, so don’t go calling him names. There are people who can handle this and people who cannot. This man learned that we that he could not. I think you all should be ashamed of how you are treating him. Are all your houses so clean.


  4. WOW…Excuse me ladies and gents…or ahould I say…close minded prudents…but I do not see anywhere where this hurting man has stated the idea originaly was his…i read that his pals and him had discussed the idea and he then brought it up to his wife. First of all it is pretty normal for many people to feel sexualy aroused by the ideaof their other with someone else. To act upon it might bring the selection down to a smaller number but thats not a new act of desire either. Male and females!! The fact that his wife hesitated before agreeing doesnt mean much either. Her selective hearing when he asked for their respect to wait a moment when he went to the washroom and being able to perform for his friend kinda says who the more than happy to apply person was in this sinerio now doesnt it. It actually sounds to me like if they weren’t already having secret sex before behind his back than purhaps it was merly a cover for a desire they both had senced and simply needed to somehow find a way of getting a more solid wedge in the door without having to carry the burden of feeling guilty and carrying it on their conscience for falling for acting upon their mutal desires without at least trying to show some kind of self respect so not to have it affect their marriage in the others eyes. People can be seriously evil and sinister when they want something bad enough. Now that the can has been opened on this I wouldn’t dought it if they will feel more than comfortable now to safely continue to submitt to their personal secret desires in a more.private way now because they can both hold the permission card in their minds. “we got the go before so… It’s not like we havent done it before baby… It’s not our fault it didn’t excite them sexy” seriously…I think this man has been played…but lets say he hasn’t… Just cause he actually was aroused and felt brave for a time to venture into something new…u feel as though he deserves to be broken down by guilt of being human and still have sexual desire within him? I guess the first relationships u people may have felt excited by someone in part of ur life to ultimately want to have sex…u must feel as tho u should b ashamed of urselves..otherwise y would u act like such insensitive unrealistic snobs towards such a sad storey of a man who shows weakness towards wanting to live life to the fullest.
    Your wife dear sire is right about one thing at least from what I can see…you have NO REASON to feel insecure…if anything she and ur friend should…they should’ve both heard and listened as ur voiced ur hesitations…both before and during the washroom my opinion..ur wife really should never have agreed to experiement in such a way with ur friend. As ur wife…as I would’ve…with my spouce… I see it as my job to protect my loved one and if he asked me to experiment in such a way and I felt confident enough to support him I would’ve strongly suggested someine other than one of his friends…just in case of any types of reprocautions. She was certainly old enough… I’d be questioning why this mode of protection seemed to not be within anyone’s mind before it all went down


  5. I could be wrong about the set up idea…I certainly wouldn’t wish for my opinions to be taken as if I could read minds because of corse I cannot. I wouldn’t like to think what I said could end up destroying their marriage…however in my honest opinion it is seriously what I would be questioning if it were me. I’m sure she loves you…but as I have often wondered in my relationship…is it really for the right reasons…is it love for what life seems to present then with by being with you or love for you. I’m sorry…but the way things went down sounds a little insincere.. I truly hope I’m wrong actualy.
    Strength and love wishes sent ur way dear sr.


  6. Lori, excuse me, but how do you get that it wasn’t his idea? I am talking about it being his idea vs. hers… “I agreed with my pals to ask my wife if she would try a wife swap”. It was HIS idea. She originally said no! But “after some thought”, or perhaps constant insistence and badgering on his part, she finally agreed to it – who knows, maybe to shut him up? To get him to leave her alone? It’s obviously impossible to tell what was in her mind or heart – but remember, we are only getting his side of the story… we are talking about a woman in her 60’s, do you really think she’s all hot under the collar to start having sex with multiple partners?? And am I the only person who is disturbed by the term, “wife swap”? Like we are talking about a couple of men swapping lawn tools or sharing a sandwich?? That tells me all I need to know about this dude’s mentality, and believe me, his wife’s happiness and pleasure are not his priorities.

    Oh, and did it ever occur to any of you that maybe she ran into the bedroom with the other man while her jerk husband was in the bathroom because she was ashamed and embarrassed, and just wanted to get it over with? That perhaps she didn’t want to put on a porn sideshow for her pervert husband to get off on (which he admits was his primary goal to those of you w,ho have actually bothered to read his regret!)?

    Believe me, I am no prude, but I have a serious problem with women being treated like meat and property, and being strong armed or coerced into doing things they don’t want to do. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s very possible. Either way, this guy is getting exactly what he deserves.


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