SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 17, 2016

My biggest regret is staying with you for 10 years. For hoping everyday that if I changed me, that would stop you from straying to other women. I walked away from all my friends, pushed my family away, quit all of my activities. I gave up everyone and 147Heverything for you. I trusted you, when you promised that you wouldn’t cheat anymore. That she was the last one. I trusted that us building a home and getting married would make you love me enough. I regret that I wasted all of those years loving you, instead of loving me. Now I am alone, yearning for a child, a family and someone to love me.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 17, 2016

  1. It doesn’t stop until they either get too old to continue or u give them an ultimatim because they r souly out for whats in it for them…selfish and ignorant to the hurt and damage their actions or non actions to be a better person in this life can and are towards usualy those who truly believed better of them in the first place. It’s the positive belief they want and seek…as soon as they seem to get it…i guess happiness and true un damaged love was simply NOT a big enough trouphy for them. Being a better more decent human being is just TOO MUCH WORK for such a small fry of a prize like our love and devotion…happiness is only seen in thier eyes on a surface level…their imagination is not able too see the happiness within the heart…nor the hurt when u hide it


  2. Be thankful you don’t still have this person controling how the rest of your life is going to play out and be…without him you can have and live as happily as you dreamed…just not with him…not every guy is like him…now u know what to look for. Chalk it up as a learned experience and use the new founded skills to rope in the right guy this time…trust me…bein stuck with a guy you know like this and having his kid and not being able to be happier because of him and his decisions is ALOT harder to deal with and live with… The fact u didnt have a child with this man is a free go pass to a better life!! U r luckier than me and many other women in this world..all u have to do is choose to use ur blessing to make it work for YOU


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