SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: February 1, 2016

I regret the childhood that made me the Bully I became. I regret the people I have hurt & decried. I regret my arrogance and the behaviour that affected my career. I regret the things that happened to me during my childhood which even now, in my fifties, I’m unable to face or even acknowledge to myself. I regret that I’ll never be able to talk
209Habout those things to anyone because of embarrassment. I regret the time it took for me to realise and acknowledge this. But I’m changing.I’ve become a better person. I have met people that made me want to change. I have a wonderful family of my own. Sometimes regrets can be a good thing. They force change and remind you that even in your darkest hour, all is not lost. There is always hope…..

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