SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 29, 2016

I regret leaving my home country 25 years ago and moving to North America. Its been 25 years of loneliness and isolation and feeling homesick. I have never felt like part of this place. I always feel slightly out of place. I dread another 25 years of living here. This is not home and I don’t fit in and I am not sure I want to fit in anymore.251H

3 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 29, 2016

  1. Man, I really feel bad for you. Have you tried joining a club/group/church where you could meet and make friends with people for your old country? Lots of people join clubs or groups that are comprised of people from their home city, state, country, just to feel in touch with that particular homey feel. Don’t give up …. there’s other people like you out there … find them!


  2. Go back home. It’s doable. How hard can it be? Don’t spend another 25 years regretting. If you didn’t get accustomed in 25 years (and you were younger than this) you never will. It’s a known fact that nobody past the age of high-school ever gets accustomed in a foreign country. Go back to your home..and things will get a lot better!


  3. If I were you, I will keep my home in America. But I would go back home for sometime. Go find your families and friends you left behind for 25 years. spend time with them and find out what has happened in all those years you have been away. There are lots to talk about with them, bring back the good old days. Don’t you think it is time to laugh about the good old days when you were all silly teenagers? My only advice for you is to tell you “Go Back Home.”


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