SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 17, 2016

I regret breaking up with the love of my life when I was 29 years old. We had already broken up once and gotten back together after years apart. I really screwed up our second chance. I kicked him out of my apartment, and he left town and moved back home to his parents. Now I am 34 years old, and in a 3 year relationship with a man who loves me and wants to settle down with me, but I don’t love back. I still think about my ex and how amazing he was. Now all I want is to start a family, but don’t want my current boyfriend to be the father to them, I want my ex back. I wish I had focused on spending more quality time with him, and I wish I didn’t push him so hard. I realize now all I did was stress him out because I had just gone through a massive career failure, and I took it all out on him. I should had tried harder to make things work out with him instead of blaming him for my personal problems. I have not been able to love anyone else as deeply, but also want so badly to move on with my life.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: January 17, 2016

  1. I hope that doesn’t sound harsh… But a relationship takes two to make it happen. I think you are being selfish to remain in a relationship with a person you can’t reciprocate the love. I think it’s not fair to your partner. You blame yourself so much about this ‘ex’ and think you want him so much that doesn’t seem no room for you to think about anybody else but your idea of what love is. I think you should share with your current partner of how you feel, and let him have someone whom will love him back.
    As for the partner you miss, I don’t know, only time and honest can tell. If he’s yours, he will come back to you. Universe is very good at guiding us there.
    But please remember:
    Love is kindness. To yourself and to others.


  2. If you’re in a relationship with a man for 3 years but pining over an ex, you are doing your current man a disservice by staying with him. Take it from someone who endured a year and a half of hearing complaints from my then girlfriend. “Why don’t you know the things about relationships that they knew right away? Why can’t you earn as much as they did? I wish you didn’t have baggage (which was my daughter, btw); no one before you did.”

    Get out of that relationship and don’t date anyone else unless and until you are completely over this ex. As it is, your current man is going to regret investing so much time and energy into you when he learns the truth.


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