SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 21, 2015

I still love you 16 years since I last saw you. I will never regret that. I regret that after you left, I didn’t follow you and try to help you. I let you mess your life up. I regret that even though I know how to get in touch with you, I’m too scared to try,  afraid you may not remember or may not feel the same way as I do.  I regret that if I would get in touch with you, that I’m married and it could easily turn into an affair.

3 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 21, 2015

  1. I feel as this could be for me. I miss my friend and never blamed you. I wish I saw what I did then and realized you weren’t my safety net but who I should have been with.

    Could we really be good friends again even though we love each other more than we could ever put into words?


  2. I dont know how u can say u love this person as u watch them walk away and mess up their life without trying harder to help them. Isnt that what loved ones r for? Support in tuff times when u need them? I dont think u love them…i think u might just feel bad that u didnt step up to the plate when u know u should have. Non the less…im sure this person and u could still b friends if the feelings were really actualy there to begin with. U not trying once again certainly isnt getting u anywhere fast now is it


  3. “Love” can be such a messy thing at times. You have a lot of emotional intelligence, to be aware of all your conflicting feelings and be able to hold them. Maybe his life wasn’t for you to fix, maybe things would have turned out worse and messier for all concerned, including him, had a different choice been made, considering all the factors involved, including your feelings.


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