SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 23, 2015

I regret that I came into the bar with my friend and ordered a drink because you were the bartender. The next morning you sent me a friend request on Facebook. How did you even know my name? I didn’t tell you. I regret that I blindly accepted your request. At first, you seemed nice and we were both married so I didn’t think you were a creep. Boy, was I wrong! About a year later, I liked a picture of your dog. Then you started sending me messages on messenger. I am a nice person so responded to them. At first, they seemed innocuous but then they became more aggressive. You sent me a picture of yourself undressed. I gently told you again that I was married and you bombarded me with inappropriate pictures and videos of yourself. Then you told me that you were going to have me sexually one way or the other. I shuddered and unfriended and blocked you from my Facebook, phone, email etc. Thank God you don’t know my address. I regret being too much of a people pleaser to miss a potential danger sometimes. I regret ever smiling at you as you mixed my drinks. I never dreamed you would be a stalker. Your poor wife is married to a very disturbed man…

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 23, 2015

  1. Anything can be found on the internet. Don’t count on him not having your address. Run, don’t walk to your nearest law enforcement agency and tell your story to them. Show them the texts and videos. You may save your own life and that of another woman if you do


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