SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 18, 2015

I have a regret that haunts me every day of my life. I regret letting you slip away 10 years ago believing that if we were meant to be, you would come back into my life. I should not have given up so easily. I always told myself that if we were meant to be together then I would let you go and you would come back; well, you did. 5 years ago you came back into my life but the timing was off AGAIN. I regret not giving you “the drink” that we deserved to share together and never giving you a final response; I had no idea what to say. I was newly engaged and couldn’t imagine doing that to my fiancée. Now we are both moved on and married, but it seems like time doesn’t heal everything. I can still feel the feelings I had 10 years ago whenever I think of you. I wonder every day how different my life would be today and am sad that there is nothing I can do about it. I play every memory of our short relationship over and over wishing things would have been done differently. Oh, what I would do to still be driving around for hours having our carefree conversations. I can still feel and see the moment that you walked through those restaurant doors after 5 years and my heart was beating through my chest. I long for it to happen again. I regret not saying sorry for everything; I’M SO SORRY.
Female, 28

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 18, 2015

  1. If you talked to this person 5 yrs ago and reminised over your past time together Im sure this person knows how you feel. Im sure they know you were engaged as its a normal conversation between two people to share especialy being close. So why would you still feel bad? Its not like its a secret you kept from them as you talked with them 5 yrs ago. They know you are moving on or have tried. If you did keep it to yourself and wasnt true to yourself and this other person than I could understand a little more. Moving on means being completely open and honest with yourself as well as the people you say you love. You shouldnt go forward into a new life committment unless you are sure in your feelings. I have been in a comfortable relationship that has at the same time felt wrong for many yrs.. To move into another serious committment would be a miricle unless I was sure, knowing now what I know in this one. Im pretty confident that my husband has had a relationship behind my back with a past co worker for over 10yrs now…and for some reason he stays with me and continues to deny me the truth of it because he is more comfortable with me than he is with her obviously keeping secrets from her as well. Many days I have wished for him to just be honest with himself and me and or this other person so we can all live the happily ever after that is right…instead of wrong…but without real proof I can only go on what he says he feels and the fact that he seems to be spending most of his time with me now. Although you might be comfortable with the idea of being with the newer relationship doesnt mean its whats right and or vs. This is why people need to be completely honest with themselves and those they have relationships with…all the cards need to be put on the table…or you will end up finding you short handed yourself in trying to win the game. Love and true love life long relationships are not a crap shoot game. Sometimes the person that puts the crappy honest cards on the table gets the bad rap but its them that are not holding back any punches and are usualy the ones who are the players who may not look their best…but will win in the end because theyre willing to give it all they got. Thats the kind of quality that is important in a lifelong committment like marriage.


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